Marion Davies: The Times We Had (with Hearst at San Simeon)

...Only some of them

…Only some of them


a very old


I’ve been there -

flown that.

I once lived

on the dining hall


at San Simeon.

Many banquets.

Many hang-overs.

Why should I lie?

The real



what I saw

and heard

in the bedrooms

of the


where Hearst


I kept

my word

to him

I wouldn’t tell

or sell

those lusty stories

to tabloids,

not for fame

or for glories,

spry wry fly

that I am.



we were close.


he was

a ty-rant

to some,

(well, mebbe

to many )-

there was another

side to him

that only I


Truth was  -

despite his fearsome


he wouldn’t

hurt a


Partying at The Castle, San Simeon

Partying at The Castle, San Simeon


If you want to know more about what didn’t go on between William Randolph Hearst and Marion Davies inside the bedroom walls of San Simeon, you might want to page through this memoir: The Times We Had by Marion Davies. There are some very cool photos of Marion, the movie star, (as promoted by her lover, WRH), and also some pix of the 1930s & ’40s  Hollywood big shot-movie stars who partied at San Simeon. An interesting read, but not much to chew on. Hardcover, from Bobbs-Merrill, 1975.

M. Esther Harding: The I and the Not-I, 1965, Signed!

Who Am I Anyway?

Who Am I Anyway?

I have enough


figurin’ out

what I


witout tryin

to figure out

what I

yam not -


here’s a book

with lots

of thoughts


lookin’ deep inside

to see how a


abide in the


they’re walkin’ around

in  -

You tells me,

cuz I sure don’t know

How I got here

or where I go  –

Mebbe this

book will tell

me. But I

have some



close as I can tell,

no bodies

ever figured

it out

diagramming consciousness

diagramming consciousness


M. Esther Harding was a student and disciple of C.G. Jung. Over the course of many years working as a psycho-analyst in America, she developed many theories about the layers of consciousness and also about women’s psychological archetypes and roles. One of the few early female pioneers in the field of psychology, Harding was also a pioneer in analyzing and writing about women. Her books, “Women’s Mysteries” and “Way of All Women” are popular books today, widely available. But this book, “The I and the Not-I” is uncommon -as is her Rare signature and inscription on the first free endpaper. It was first published in 1965, originating from lectures she gave on the layers of consciousness. Deep thoughts from a deep (female) thinker!  244-page hardcover, distributed by Pantheon.



Paul Gaugin’s NOA NOA : Gifts from the Sea

Gaugin's Tahiti

Gaugin’s Tahiti

Noa Noa -

Think of Tahiti.

Then dream of Gaugin, as he

washes on shore, in

wave after


profoundly felt,


More than art.

Gifts from the


Noa Noa, 1920

Noa Noa, 1920

This small 1919 book was written by Paul Gaugin, the great artist, as a reminiscence of his first trip to Tahiti. My book, a 5th printing, is from 1920. It includes 10 prints of Gaugin’s art – portraits of the Tahitians he encountered (mainly women). The striking simplicity of his paintings reveals how deeply he felt about Tahiti and her people. My book is damaged – a chip to the right cover corner. But inside, no damage;  as compelling as imagined.

The Medium and The Message, 1970s

Hudson Tuttle - a Medium With A Message, 98th printing

Hudson Tuttle – a Medium
With A Message, 98th printing

Here’s a book

that will help

you look

into The

Great Beyond.

I been there,

guys, and it’s

no surprise – but

kinda neat;

even sweet

to commune

with the


I  tried


a few times,

but found

it’s not

for the faint-


At least,

not for me.

I figured out

I’d rather be

in the here

and now,

than looking for

the in-between

that’s how

I seen it,



There seem to be laws for everything, but mebbe not lawyers

There seem to be laws for everything, but mebbe not lawyers

The vintage book, from my metaphysical book collection, is Mediumship and Its Laws, Its Conditions and Cultivation.  This edition (a 98th printing) is likely from the 1970s (no date). The first edition was published in 1890, when tables were tapping and even Arthur Conan Doye was communing with the Spirit world. the author, Hudson Tuttle, obviously felt self-confident enough to write this how-to-Connect book. It’s 186 pages long and it was published by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches.

What BIG EYES You Have, Walter Keane, 1964

Walter Keane - 1964

Walter Keane – 1964

My pleasure

showin’ off a

treasure:  A

book signed by

the newest

villain of the year -

Walter  Keane.

Walter & his wife,


created the

Big Eyes

pop art

Back in the ’60s.

Some ppls thought

their paintings nifty;

others said,

P. U. – So




kitsch that

belongs in a ditch

with the empty

tuna cans & stale, old


no rich ppl

deemed take a whiff

or even a sniff in

the di-rec-tion of

the Keanes’ low art



pictures of

little big


lookin’ sad &


For long times,


bought them -

not at any


They was


thrift shop,

you know

what I mean?

Now, Comes Along

Tim Burton &

his film,

keepin’ it real,

shakin’ it up,

hurtin’ the

rep (or what’s

left of it) of bad

ol’ Walter Keane.

Who s’posedly

signed his name


Margaret’s work.

Was he kiddin’ -

or just a jerk?

Is it mean to diss

the dead?

Probly – from

what I’ve read,

but I’ll go

see the


any way.

After all,

No Surprise –

Cuz I  gots

a rare

Art relic,

on the shelf.

Even as I

sits here,

by my self -

big little eyes


By Keane - but which one?

By Keane – but which one?


The subject book is Walter Keane, a French version of the American original,  from the Collection Des Maitres Demain. This is a First Edition, 1964, with 48 drawings & paintings – by Keane – or so they say. C’est un livre that can only go up, up & more up in value after Dec. 25th, when the Tim Burton film, “Big Eyes” is released. I scooped up this book when no one paid any attention to the Keanes & now quite a lot of ppls want it. isn’t that ironic?


The Beatles Illustrated, 1970

the Best Music from the Best Times

the Best Music from the
Best Times

Please don’t buy this

book -

I beg you not to


Oh, look

if you must,

but I trust

you’ll not surprise


and you’ll

fly right

on by -

like a blackbird

singing in

the dead of night.

am I right?

You’ll not surprise me.

You were only waiting

for this moment to



One of the many fine illustrations inside this book

One of the many fine illustrations inside this fine book

I try not to fall in love with the books I collect and offer for sale, but here’s one I’m reluctant to give up – not only because it contains all the best early Beatles’ song lyrics, but also some brilliant &  iconic 1960s pop art. Some of the era’s most famous artists contributed illustrations & photographs including David Bailey, Seymour Chwast, David Hockney, Peter Max, Stanley Mouse, Erte, Tomi Ungerer and so many more. Psychedelic & Unforgettable! This 126-page hardcover, The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics, 1970, from Delacorte,is a stated first U.S. Edition.



Young Men Get Their Etiquette

Young Men Get Their Etiquette

you think I’m kiddin’

don’t ya -

but this was 1969

& some guys

wore suits

and ties

to work

& went out

to dine

at fine

joints  -

scorin’ points

for openin

car doors

for their dates.

you think



don’t ya -

but 45

years ago,

only a meat-head-

so & so

ignored the

rules of

etiquette &

slurped  his soup

and chomped

his bread

& drooled,



talkin wit his

mouth open.

If any body

seen that,

he’d be

dead  -


that is.

Manners counted


but now?

you must be kiddin’ -

Manners long


like the cow

that  jumped


the moon.

& if you ask

most ppls


none too



they must have left out the chapter on muscle-building

they must have left out the chapter on muscle-building


Male Manners, The Young Man’s Guide to dating, good looks, making friends, etcetera. By Kay Corinth and Mary Sargent, (c) 1969, David McKay. 336 pages.  If you are in need of a chuckle, check out the chapter on “Telephoning.” Remember when phones had rotary dials & receivers?  This book is really not boring, espech if you read between the lines. The authors’ list of ppls to thank for helping write their book. included Bonne Bell, Chanel, The Rev. James D. Cole, Tiffany  & Co. & Winthrop Laboratories (the steroid pharma). Really!





The Sad Sack, 1944

1944 - popular WWII cartoon

1944 – popular WWII cartoon


This book &

me is

sorta a-like.

We both sad


Him a soldier,

me a pore soul

stuck in

the quagmire

of life -

fell off

the tracks,

if you knows

what I means.

I perspires a lot

these days

& it ain’t hot.

they calls that


why pore ol’


have to put

up wit dis?

can’t get no luck

no ways. -

it shore do suck

bein a sad

sack -

unless you

a cartoon



& then,

it ain’t

that bad

When cartoons lived on paper

When cartoons lived on paper

This is the 7th printing of a very popular cartoon book, published in 1944, during WWII by Simon and Schuster. It was written & illustrated by Sgt. George Baker, a former Walt Disney artist. For four years at Disney, he worked on Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo and Bambi. And then he went to War. He continued drawing as a soldier, eventually landing on the staff of Yank Magazine. You might say the bewildered civilian trying to muster up – the Sad Sack – was a War Baby. This is a great collectible book – for more than one reason.



Cooking of the Maharajas, 1975

this book will cost you --

this book will cost you –


Look, you shouldn’t


I’ll make the curry.

Just not

in any hurry.

Haven’t you

ever heard

of a

slow cooker?


Indian food fit for Royalty

Indian food fit for Royalty


Minimally inspired by this incredible cook book, Cooking of the Maharajas, The Royal Recipes of India, by Shivaji Rao & Shalini Devi Holkar. This is one of the more expensive & highly-sought after cook books in any collection. For one reason – a maharaja wrote it. Secondly, he describes the proper way to run a Royal Indian kitchen. Also, the philosophy of Indian food,. Finally, you won’t find these recipes for historic court dishes from all parts of India, including Jodhpur, Indore and Kashmir, anywhere else.  Totally worth the $300 price tag (and up) if you can find it.

Lucy M Lewis, American Indian Potter, Signed

Lucy M Lewis, Acoma Potter

Lucy M Lewis, Acoma Potter

The hands

the hands

you know,

the hands


the clay.

mold it,

shape it,

turn the old

cold grey

mud of earth

bright &

white with

light – give

birth to new-ness.

the hands

scold it,

gold it,

hold it

keep it close – it

speaks of



who told the


the walk abouts

on dirt


by potter,

Native daughter,

whose hands

are myst, how


touch & feel

the tryst between

the earth & wheel

behold, some



& real.

the hands,

the hands,

you know,

the hands.

The Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico

The Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico

I am a fortunate traveler. I came upon this 1984 book, Lucy M Lewis, American Indian Potter,  by accident – Written by Susan Peterson, also a potter, it is an illustrated biography & survey of the life and work of the late genius Native artist, Lucy M Lewis.  She signed this book, as did two of her daughters – also both potters. The fact that this was published in Japan tells an entirely different story about Lucy M Lewis – or maybe it doesn’t.