In Stasis

Currently in stasis – which is really sort of o.k., because that’s where the action is. Even if you don’t think it, it thinks without you. We are really sort of extraneous. The more I meditate, the more I know the path (even a bully path) knows its own direction, and mine, as well.

What next, little girl? Did you outgrow your victimhood? Or did you get stuck in a mire of misunderstanding and misunderstood? And could not move forward. And could not move back.

Ironically,  answers always precede questions.


The words will come as they always come. and they will know which way the path

The Full Stop excerpt

“…and some times, you have to stop what you’re doing because the road is clogged with traffic or rutted from rain or too desolate to travel alone. Impassable paths, where you must stop, are really faster routes to your own reality. And, isn’t that our ultimate journey?…”


Louie, Writing-Collage journal, 1999


(c)2015, S.A. Kravetz, The Bully

The Guru Says excerpt

If you’re a true Guru, nobody needs know about it. You just are. The essence of pure truth flows through you like the blood in your veins. People will come to you seeking truth, but their ears will be closed if you don’t tell them what they want to hear. The truth is a diamond. It reflects the light, but only clearly when there are no shadows cast upon it. Those who want to know must consult you. Once. Twice. Thrice.


–Louie writing in her notebook on Guru-ness


(c) 2015. S.A. Kravetz. The Bully

I am a Guru excerpt

One day, Louie woke up and she knew something about her had changed. It was like she could see her self in an inside mirror. But she didn’t see her reflection. Instead, she felt it. There was no outer sight with her eyes. Her eyes were turned inward.

I am a Guru, Louie realized. And she knew it was true.



(c) 2015, S.A. Kravetz. The Bully

The Angels of Coincidence excerpt

Yes! Angels are everywhere. Some times the air is thick with benevolent spirits reaching out to help you. You just have to learn to tell the difference between  what’s ordinary and what’s coincidence. Angels hang out in coincidence.


–Transcript of Louie’s Angel reading for a girl in trouble


(c) 2015. S.A. Kravetz. The Bully

How to Tell An Angel excerpt

Over time, especially the darkest times, Louie learned how to tell when an Angel was around her. It was a matter of reading The Signs. She learned they were different for each Angel, each time they came.

Here’s how it began. Once, after a time-out and a bitter scolding from her mother for dripping bath water on the floor, Louie ran out the back door and into the yard. She sat down beside the incinerator. It was made of brick and, when she sat down, it was taller than she was. It was a good hiding place. Louie thought it would serve her mother right, if she thought Louie ran away. So Louie sat there, silently, leaning against the sooty brick, waiting for her mother to call out her name.

But she didn’t. Louie waited and waited for her mother to call. Finally, Louie  guessed her mother knew she wouldn’t go far. She never did. Louie felt sad she wasn’t missed. And then something caught her eye. A flash of bright red streaked into a tree in a yard, right across the alley. In a minute, as Louie watched, a red bird, with a black mask, hopped out of the tree and onto a branch. The bird flapped its wings. Once, twice, three times. And then it flew away – a red streak like a faint red crayon mark on a page in her coloring book.

Louie didn’t wonder about it until later. Instead, she wondered if her mother was going to come look for her. After a while, Louie grew bored, so she got up and went back inside her house. She felt sheepish. Her mother was mopping the bathroom floor. When she came into the kitchen,  she said, “It’s about time you came in. I made bologna sandwiches for lunch.”

Nothing more was said about the wet bathroom floor or Louie’s remorse for slopping bath water on it. Her mother acted as if she’d never yelled at Louie or made her feel bad by putting her in time-out and screaming at her.

Her mother’s discipline went like that. She would flare up at Louie, like fire roaring in a fire place, and burn hot for a while, and then she’d smolder, finally going onto something else. Her mother probably forgot about the bath water, or Louie’s untidy bedspread or Louie’s finger print marks on the refrigerator door. But Louie didn’t forget. Each thing she did wrong and each mistake she made that angered her mother was another dent in her mind.

When Louie went to the Bookmobile the next day, the librarian showed her a Guide book on birds. It had many colored pictures. Louie paged through and saw a Cardinal – just like the bird she’d seen in the backyard. But Cardinals didn’t live in Colorado, the librarian said. She must have been mistaken.

That night, in bed, Louie thought about the Cardinal and wondered how and why she saw it. She decided the Cardinal came to let her know she wasn’t alone in the world. That as bad as things always were for her, there was something beyond – something special — like a hand holding out to her, saying, “This Cardinal is for you – you only. This means things will get better one day.”

There was no one to tell about the Cardinal or any of the other Angel Signs that came to Louie over time. But the Cardinal was the first.


(c) 2015. S.A. Kravetz, The Bully

The Compassion Gene excerpt

Bullies are missing the compassion gene. They are defective in the way that people who mix up their “b”s and “v”s are defective. When Louie was little, she mixed up those letters and said “I lub you.” The bullies in her life did not have enough compassion to answer back, “I love you, too.”  Everybody missed out.


note to self: add this somewhere in first book timeline


(c) 2015. S.A. Kravetz. The Bully

Never Give Up speech excerpt

Notes from Louie’s speech: “It’s not so much what life throws at you; it’s how you respond. I chose froze, which I don’t recommend. Life goes on around you, and, there you are, just an eye in the peephole of a kaleidoscope. Better to find ways to fight back. Look for the Angels disguised as people who are nearby and can help you.  Or sharpen the extra-senses you developed to defend yourself.  Angels and ESP will come in handy when you escape from one bully or any others on your path. And you can escape. And will.”

Never Give Up.



(c) 2015. S.A. Kravetz, The Bully

Self-Inflicted excerpt

Some bullies think they won’t ever get caught, but they always do. Because, in the end, they’ll be all alone with no one left to hurt. That’s gonna be the worst pain. And, it’s self-inflicted.


—Louie explaining to a traumatized co-worker how to cope with abuse.


(c) 2015. S.A. Kravetz, The Bully